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The history of 5th Ware

The 5th Ware Scout Group opened its doors for the first time on February 1st, 2010 in response to the ever-increasing interest in Scouting and specifically the need for more places for young people in Ware and the surround district. The District had been served well for nearly 100 years by the existing groups, but the waiting list was continuing to grow and by early 2010, the list was growing at more than twice the rate that spaces were becoming available.

The young people will also be making history as they will be the first new Scout group to open in the town for more than 50 years. It is a fantastic thing for the town and the young people of the town.

Martin Vaughan
Assistant District Commissioner, Ware & District Scouts

The 5th Ware Scout Group is based at Christ Church Memorial Halls which is where its full identity of “5th Ware Christ Church” comes from.

Initially the Group contained only a Beaver colony, the “Warriors” but by January 2011, the first Beavers were old enough to progress to the next Section. A Cub pack, now known as the “Lemurs”, started and has continued to grow being fed primarily by further Beavers moving up when they reach 8 years of age. As of spring 2012, the Beaver colony is full and the Cub pack is a healthy size.

The Group opened a Scout troop in September 2013 which is when those very first Beavers who joined back in early 2010 and progressed up to Cubs, were ready to continue through to the next level of Scouting.

Everyone in Scouting volunteers their time to create and run an exciting programme of activities for the young people and at 5th Ware there is no exception. The Group has grown from needing to borrowing leaders from other Groups to now having a full complient of uniformed leaders, a number of other adult helpers and young leaders (Explorer Scouts who come help run the programme) and an Executive Committee.